Kickstart Shaft - Reconditioned

Price in AUD inc 10% GST

Reconditioned kickstarter shaft. They are available in three lengths to suit Square case , Round case short and Round case long. 

This is an exchange service only.  


Vee Two Kick Start shaft repair consists of both the external spline and internal circlip groove being repaired. Both of these areas can fail on these shafts .The shafts are machined and welded . Re machined and heat treated. 


About the Credit On Return (COR) Fee

This part is provided on an exchange basis whereby we send you the reconditioned item upon receipt of your existing part. If you are unable to send us your part before we send the replacement out to you, then you must select to pay the COR Fee when adding this product to your cart. We will credit the COR Fee back to you when we receive your part afterwards.



Pre-sales Questions?

If you're unsure about the suitability of this part for your bike, send us a note here with the necessary information and we'll get right back to you.

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