Crankshaft - Lightened, Balanced and Polished

AUD $3,450.00
excludes tax

Complete crankshaft and big end assembly pressed and trued, ready for fitting to crankcase. (EXCHANGE ONLY)


The Vee Two lightened, balanced and polished crankshaft is approximately 2kgs (5lbs) lighter than standard. 

The advantages in performance and reliability are considerable. Lightened flywheels reduce rotating mass. This not only quickens throttle response and acceleration, but also actually lifts horsepower. Engine reliability is improved because the lighter flywheels significantly decrease loadings on crankcases and main bearings. 

The balance factor remains standard to retain legendary Ducati smoothness. Vee Two manufacture *thicker thrust washers* (2mm as against 1mm originals). Carbo nitrited for extra strength, they will not distort under high load, a common failing on original flywheels. The lighter Vee Two crankshaft, coupled with tougher thrust washers and Vee Two Big end assembly, dramatically improves the engines life and performance.


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