'The Hailwood' is now available

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The research took many thousands of man-hours over several years. It has been a labour of love for Brook Henry of Vee Two Australia, but the result is about as perfect a replica of Mike's Bike as you can create. The Vee Two bikes are hand-made and hand-finished like a Swiss watch. At its TT...

Preparing the original Hailwood engine for the 40th Anniversary IoM ride in 2018

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The engine and bike was being prepared for its current owner in the USA to allow John McGuinness to ride at the 40th Anniversary celebration of Hailwoods comeback and historic win at the IoM TT in June 1978. Rory knew that Brook was in Europe at the time and invited him to France to assist...

The Imola Evo

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The Imola Evo is handmade by Vee Two and is available to purchase.

Further details will follow, but in the meantime, you can see the bike in action here on Jay Leno's Garage YouTube channel, or click the images below for a gallery of photos.




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