Main Bearing Sleeve - All Bevel Twins Blank

AUD $150.00
excludes tax

Blank main bearing sleeve semi finished can be machined to required tolerance


Incorrectly sized Main Bearings Sleeves can be a trouble spot on Bevel drive Ducati's. If the fitment is a loose fit, the bearing sleeves can turn in their housings, or alternatively if the bearing sleeves are too tight, this can lead to cracked crankcases and an extremely short life span for your main bearings.



Carbon Steel



Provide us with the precise micrometer measurements of the bearing housing to which the sleeve is to be fitted. VEE TWO will supply main bearing sleeves with the exact interference for your particular engine. 

Correct fitment will prolong main bearing life and enhance engine performance; it must be considered an essential bottom end modification.

NB.  Please Use L & R designations for left and right hand crankcases and it would also be convenient if customer would also state engine type, year and model.

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