Camshaft - Non Desmo Performance Street Narrow Case Single

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Camshaft suits Spring Valve Narrow Case Singles 


At Vee Two we understand the need to supply our street bike customers with cam shafts suitable for street applications.  

These cams will suit your road engine and improve the overall spread of power.  Your bike will be happy in traffic , open highways and on mountain roads. 

Full information and backup service is available direct from Vee Two Australia and participating dealers. Make sure you insist on and are getting the ‘genuine’ Vee Two parts. Price is not a substitute for quality and your Ducati is a quality motorcycle.


Chrome Molybdenum, high core strength steel (17 CRMON16) and case hardened to Rockwell 62/64 - significantly harder than the originals (56/58).




Vee Two recommends that piston to valve clearance is checked.

Please check rotation of camshaft in cylinder head before assembly. Some early single heads may require the removal of a small amount of the head material from the inside of the rocker box to allow clearance for the extra lift from this camshaft. This work can be performed by any competent motorcycle mechanic.


Running Clearance

Inlet              0.10mm

Exhaust        0.15mm


             Opening and Closing Figures at 0.5mm Lift

 Inlet Opening            54 degrees  B.T.D.C

 Inlet Closing              71 degrees  A.B.D.C

 Exhaust Opening      85 degrees  B.B.D.C

 Exhaust Closing        38 degrees  A.T.D.C

Maximum Lift at Valve

 Inlet               12mm

 Exhaust         11mm


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